The following is a sample of print collateral aimed at both internal and external clients of Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Kimley-Horn begins each calendar year with an annual Kick-Off event, which sets out to create goals and incentivise creative strategy throughout the various regions of the nationally-renowned firm.

To guide attendees throughout the day, an informational booklet was created featuring the themes and schedule of the event.

Featured is a tour booklet used to guide Kimley-Horn shareholders through one of their celebrated projects, a mixed-use development in Richardson, Texas.

The booklet featured guidance through the tour, as well as helpful information on the development.

Specialty, small-run projects were created for prospective clients. This is an example of a qualifications package for Southwest Airlines. The booklet features specialty printing techniques to enhance messaging and deliver an example of the prestigious client service delivered by Kimley-Horn.

Such specialty printing techniques included a transparent overlay to showcase Kimley-Horns office locations in proximity to airports currently served by Southwest Airlines.

A growing practice within Kimley-Horn is their strong team of Landscape Architects and Planners. To guide the future of the practice, a growth strategy document was created.